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20 Jan. 22

How You Can Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel

The main areas of the house that most homeowners would like to change are the bathrooms and kitchens. Both projects are likely to be costly. Bathroom remodel cost overruns can be easily controlled when it comes to saving money. Because of the smaller space, cost-cutting measures may be easier to implement. Furthermore, do-it-yourself work will lower the costs of any contracted project.

Maintain the size and layout of the bathroom.

Enlarging or rearranging a bathroom frequently necessitates the relocation of plumbing pipes, which can be costly. Moving the toilet discharge and sewer pipe is particularly costly.

Only resize or change the bathroom if it is absolutely necessary to accommodate your needs. The single most expensive aspect of bathroom remodeling is moving objects that aren’t easily movable. During a remodel, you can change the size or layout of your bathroom. However, you must weigh the benefits of the change against the financial impact of the change.

Maintain the load-bearing walls of the bathroom.

Load-bearing walls support your second floor, if you have one, as well as the roof. Moving or removing a load-bearing wall is a significant project that necessitates structural changes. Exterior walls are typically load-bearing. Interior walls that run parallel to ceiling joists are typically non-load bearing.

Investigate the possibility of expanding through non-load-bearing walls—that is, walls that do not support weight. Non-lead-bearing walls can be removed or relocated at a low cost and with little effort.

It is best to hire a contractor if you want to move that load-bearing wall. But if you’re really motivated, you can do it on your own. Although materials such as laminated beams are inexpensive, they require a significant amount of labor.

If at all possible, save the bathroom’s drywall.

Because of the high moisture levels in this environment, drywall is frequently completely replaced in bathroom renovations. Drywall replacement is a fairly common occurrence that should be anticipated. Any drywall that has been contaminated by mold should be removed.

The more walls you knock down, the more walls you’ll have to knock down later. Each closed-up wall necessitates more drywall, paint, and labor.

Keep any sections of drywall that are in good condition. Only the bad sections should be removed and replaced. Drywall near or behind showers and bathtubs frequently needs to be replaced. However, the drywall in other areas of the bathroom may still be in good condition.

Instead of replacing bathroom fixtures, refinish them.

The cost of replacing existing plumbing fixtures, tubs, shower bases, or surrounds is increased by removing and replacing existing fixtures. It could also include demolition, construction changes, and a new installation.

Consider whether any of these items truly need to be replaced. Is it for functional or aesthetic reasons that you’re replacing them? If they are unsightly but functional, you may be able to dress them up or renew them rather than replace them. Instead of replacing your bathtub, you can refinish it with an attractive, protective coating. You can paint your bathroom cabinet instead of throwing it away and purchasing a new one.

Refinishing bathroom items not only makes financial sense, but it also makes environmental sense.

Installing a Prefab Shower or Bathtub

One of the most expensive bathroom improvements you can make is to remove an old prefabricated shower base and surround and replace it with a custom tiled base and walls.

Instead of a tiled shower, consider using a pre-formed, one-piece shower stall. It will be significantly less expensive because you will not be hiring expensive tile setters. Furthermore, prefabricated shower stalls can be installed in hours, whereas tiled showers can take several days.

You could also start with a prefabricated shower base and tile the walls yourself. Tile materials can be much less expensive than a one-piece stall; it’s the labor that drives up the cost of most tile. You can check also central heating sutton solutions.