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20 Jan. 22

Why the time to Find Your Shut Off Valves is Now

Water gushing uncontrollably through your house is dangerous and unsafe, and it will quickly cause major flood damage to the interior of your home. When the water is coming from your home’s own water supply rather than from outside sources such as flooding, you can and should turn it off immediately. If your water is connected to a municipal or local water supply, take the following steps:

Methods for Quickly Locating the Water Shut Off Valve

On the inside perimeter, locate the water shut-off valve. On the inside of your home, look for the main water shut off valve. Typically, it will be located on the house’s perimeter, as this is where the water first enters your home.

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Also, stay on the street-facing side of the house. Your water main usually starts at the street and runs straight to your house. Turn the handle or knife-style valve once you’ve located the valve.

Please keep in mind that this is only typical if you are connected to a municipal water supply. If you use well water, water may enter the house from the back or the side.

Find the Shut Off Valve on Your Property Inspection Report

If you are still unable to locate the water shut off valve after physically searching for it, one option is to review the property inspection report that was completed for you during the final stages of purchasing your home.

Look in the report’s plumbing section. This section should include a photo of the shut-off valve as well as the location of the valve. Even if the water system was not defective at the time of the property inspection report, the report should always include a note about where to find the shut-off valve.

Locate the streetside shut-off valve.

If the previous methods fail, there may be another valve called a curb valve located at the beginning of your water main, at the boundary line of your property and the street or sidewalk.

Locate the metal or plastic utility box trap door on the ground level. Call the 24-hour emergency and boiler repair sutton plumber contact number provided by the water company. Staff may instruct you to turn off the water valve on your own or to wait for an emergency dispatch team.

How to Disable the Shut Off Valve

When open, a ball valve has a straight handle that runs parallel to the pipe. To turn off a ball valve, move the handle from a parallel to a perpendicular position. The valve body has stops that only allow the handle to move in one direction and stop it when it is fully perpendicular.

This round handle, similar to a hose faucet, must be turned several times clockwise until the gate seats to completely shut off the water.

Lift the lid and set it to the side of the streetside ground-level utility box. If there is dirt or sand, gently remove it with your hand or a garden trowel. Do not throw away the sand or dirt. If you live in a freezing climate, this sand or dirt is required to keep the pipes from freezing and burst. After you’ve cleared out the box, you’ll notice the glass-covered meter, which may have a secondary cover to protect the glass. Ignore it because it has nothing to do with turning off the water. Two valves can be found in the utility box.

The street side valve will be located on the street side of the water meter. This switch is designed so that only the water company with a special tool can turn it off. Do not deactivate this. Even if you manage to get a wrench on it, it may be extremely difficult to turn. In addition, there may be legal ramifications to turning off the water company valve.

House Side Valve: This will be located on the water meter’s house side. It could have a knob or a nut for turning.